The Goal is Community Awareness!

Rose Burgueno and Violetta Esparza do just that.  We are here to serve our Bassett Family and here are some of the services we provide to our Bassett Family:  Vision Services/Eye Glasses & Exams, Housing Referrals/Temporary Housing, Foster Youth Services, Foodbank Services, Shoes That Fit Program, Uniform Assistance, Summer Camp Opportunities, Utilities Assistance, Medi-Cal Application Assistance, Immigration Form Assistance, ICE-Raids and Your Rights, Family Counseling, Tutoring, School Supplies, Domestic Violence Support, Boot Camp, Financial Aid Assistance, CalFresh Assistance, CalWORKS Assistance, Assistance with California Identification Card, Assistance with Birth Certificate  Applications, and Home Visits for Positive Attendance. 

Our Community Liaisons, Rose Burgueno and Violetta Esparza, will host a table with valuable resources provided by our District and they will be ready to start a Needs Assessment with you and your family.  You can also call Rose and Violetta at (626) 931-7923 & (626)931-2894.  You can also email them at [email protected] & [email protected] 

Our  Community Liaisons/Student Services table can be found between the home side snack bar and home bleachers at the Bassett High School Football Stadium, on October 18th and November 1st.  6:00 p.m.-the beginning of the third quarter. 

L.A. Parks and Recreation, America Job Center for Youth, and the Boys and Girls Club, will also host information tables regarding free services in your/our community. Come out and enjoy the game, the band and your/our community and learn all about the services your Bassett Family has to offer.