Bassett Unified Students Take Virtual Field Trip Using Microsoft Technology

LA PUENTE – Torch Middle School sixth-grader Andrea Karr Kamatoy sat down at her desk, unaware that she was about to travel across the world to the Archaeological Museum of Corinth, Greece.

Certified in Microsoft Innovation Education (MIE), teacher Guadalupe Barba uses programs such as Skype to connect her classroom of 30 students with experts and lessons that would otherwise be unavailable.

The interactive experience showed students ancient ruins and mosaics, where archaeologists live and work, and gave them opportunity to ask questions.

"What I thought was the best part about the Skype lesson was being able to meet someone whose experience can help us decide if we want to become an archaeologist, scientist or conservationist,” Kamatoy said. “I think it is good to think about the future.”

Barba’s class met online with Katie Petrole, a Corinth Excavations Museum fellow, who through the MIE online program, gave students a virtual, behind-the-scenes tour of ancient excavated artifacts history and explained the restoration process.

“Integrating the Microsoft technology in the classroom has greatly benefited the students by exposing them to technology as part of their daily learning,” Barba said. “In addition, Skype has added a different level to the learning experience in the classroom, and students are now exposed to experts around the world. It truly broadens the student's experience in the classroom.”



02-19-19_BASSETT_MIE_2: Torch Middle School students visit the Archaeological Museum of Corinth, Greece using Skype to connect with expert Katie Petrole, one way in which Microsoft Innovation Education tools are enriching instruction for Bassett Unified students.