Bassett Unified Educators Integrate Microsoft Technology into Classroom

LA PUENTE – Teachers across Bassett Unified are integrating Microsoft Innovative Education tools in their classrooms, part of the District’s rollout of a four-year Digital Learning Initiative that will put new tech tools in the hands of all students.

So far, 47 Bassett Unified are using Office 365 and tools such as OneNote, Outlook and OneDrive to simplify assignments and monitor student progress. Each teacher undertook days of intensive training and classroom coaching to achieve the certification.

“Microsoft’s classroom tools allow our teachers to dedicate more time to creating innovative lessons that strengthen students’ critical, collaborative and creative thinking,” said Gabriel Rivera, Bassett Unified director of information and educational technology.

The online tools are used to assign and collect homework, as well as give students an electronic portfolio of notes and projects and all collaborative work completed throughout the year.

“MIE-certified teachers are assigning projects that are completely digital and providing ongoing feedback, which improves the quality and frequency of the student-teacher interaction,” said Michael Jephcott, Bassett Unified Technology Integration Specialist.

“Our tech-savvy teachers are providing students with the latest skills available, all while deepening their classroom engagement and offering a new level of coaching and classroom collaboration,” Superintendent Debra French said.



02-19-19_BASSETT_MIE_1: Technology Integration Specialist Tom Covington demonstrates to students how to start and complete projects in Microsoft OneNote.